What’s Psychosomatic Medicine?

This is a holistic approach that focuses on balancing body and mind by healthy lifestyle habits, awareness exercises and psychological counseling. It’s based on decades of scientific research. Neglecting body and mind can lead to chronic symptoms such as fatigue, pain syndromes, gut problems, sleeping problems and many others. Unlike reparative symptome-centered medicine, it’s focused on identifying the underlying causes. Most common causes are chronic stress, emotional trauma, unhealthy lifestyle habits and core beliefs. Under the premise of your motivation and responsibility my goal is get to the root of health and disease and help you cope effectively to get back to balance.

Diagnosis and treatment of:

  • chronic pain
  • fatigue (Chronic Fatigue Syndrom), exhaustion / burn out
  • gut problems (irritable bowel) und dizziness
  • anxiety und depression

  • sleep disorders

  • medically unexplained symptoms

  • skin disorders / psychodermatology (neurodermatitis, psoriasis, chronic itch)

Treatment concepts

  • mindfulness based stress-coping
  • therapeutic writing

  • hypnosis, biofeedback
  • pain management

  • stress-tests: 24h heart-rate-variability